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2011/  installation

Place Fontainasplein (Fontainas square) is an intersection between different neighbourhoods, cultures and social groups. It is situated in the centre of Brussels, Belgium, between Anspach and Lemonnier Boulevard, two major boulevards that succeed each other to connect North and South. Fontainas is the only public green space on this North-South axis.

LINK creates a temporary and physical connection between Anspach Boulevard, Fontainas square and Fontainas Park. It opens up the park at the level of Fontainas Square, and therefore connects the park with Anspach Boulevard.

By extending the limits of both the park and the square, LINK aims to launch a debate on a potential redefinition of this urban site. It does not claim to be a definite proposal but rather wishes to encourage residents and authorities to reflect upon its potential and envision a different, long-term approach for the site in question.

LINK is the Brussels/Belgian contribution to the European project Green Days that took place in four European cities and focuses on the relationship between urban and natural envirnment. LINK was organised in collaboration with the non-profit organisation AAA and supported by the European Cultural Foudation (ECF)

LINK was presented in the public space, Place Fontainas, 1000 Brussels


Pictures by Helen Hermans

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