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2023/  movie project

In 2020 Wouter De Raeve and Lietje Bauwens released the movie WTC A Love Story. The movie unravels the power relations involved in urban redevelopment, by inviting the characters that claim a voice in the transition of the WTC towers - politicians, the private owner, architects et al.- to brief actors to represent them in a fiction. 

WTC A never-ending Love Story picks up where WTC A Love Story left off. Once again mobilising actors and setting up different fiction experiments, the film investigates both the history and the current state of resistance in the Northern Quarter. 

The movie was in avant-première on September 8, 2023, at Bozar, Brussels.

A project by Lietje Bauwens and Wouter De Raeve

Directored by Lietje Bauwens, Wouter De Raeve and Daan Milius | edited by Lietje Bauwens and Caszimir Cleutjens | director of photography Pieter Dumoulin | camera

Charles Dhondt and Pieter Dumoulin | sound recording Gedeon Depauw, Kwinten van Laethem, Louisiana Mees, Gert Verboven | soundmix Kwinten van Laethem | graphic design Bonsma & Reist, Bern/Bruxelles | copy editing Sophie Wright | original music by Jens Bouttery | music performed by Jens Bouttery - Drums, Niels Van Heertum - Euphonium/Bugle, Frans Van Isacker - Saxophone/Clarinets, Grégoire Tirtiaux - Saxophones/Mouth Harp, Nathan Wouters - Double Bass | music recorded by 

Dries Van Ende at Zinnema | make-up artists Saori Matsui and Alice Vaquerizo | budget supervisor Hans van Hezik | distribution Jade Wiseman | partners

Bozar, A+ architecture in Belgium, VIERNULVIER | support Flanders State of the Art,

Urban Brussels, VGC


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